Garage converted into a restaurant with a microcement floor. Color GR4 [photos]

Today we have something special for automobile enthusiasts - a garage converted into a restaurant with new microcement floor from Festfloor. Check out the photos.

Beige microcement wall and floor [photos]

The microcement does not have to be gray! See these amazing photos of beige microcement walls and floor in a garden room.

Renovation of an old English house – a microcement bathroom. Color GR2 [photos]

See how microcement changes old interiors! Photos of a bathroom with microcement in a renovated English house from the 1930s.

Microcement floor in a kitchen showroom [photos]

Today we present photos  of a microcement floor in a kitchen showroom in Lower Silesia, Poland. Precisely, in the Planto Kitchens showroom in Lubin. The project was carried out by Partner Pro,  one of our trusted contractors.

Wood and concrete. Microcement floor in the kitchen [video]

See how to joi combine wood and concrete. Video from the implementation of microcement flooring + wooden parquet in a single-family house.

Mission: Microcement floor. The same flooring throughout the house. Color: FF7035 [photos]

January 9, 2021

What to do when your wife designs an interior and you are given a mission to make a microcement floor? Check out one of our client's success stories.

Microcement floor and dining table. Color: GR2 [photos]

A photo of Mr. Marek Kochański's table and microcement flooring was awarded in our Festfloor Best Photos Awards competition. Today we present more photos that we received from Mr. Marek.

Microcement in a restaurant. Color: GR3 [photos]

Although the majority of microcement projects are still flats or single-family houses, we observe a significant increase in the interest in microcement in service and gastronomic premises. Today we invite you to see the floor made of our microcement in  a restaurant in Katowice, one of Poland's biggest cities.

Microcement DIY with Festfloor Go! Color: FF7035 [photos]

Is it a good idea to make the microcement yourself? Check out the latest microcement DIY project by one of our clients and decide yourself ;)

Festfloor microcement in Madeira [summerhouse photos]

In June Festfloor gained another satisfied customer. This time from Madeira, Portugal! See photos of 180m2 of microcement at the holiday home.

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