Boho interior design with microcement. Color: FL01 [photos]

Although microcement is associated with modern and minimalist design, it also works well in eclectic arrangements in the boho style. Just like in this delightful house which we present today.

Microcement in the Ruby Blue hairdressing salon [photos]

The violet microcement on the floor in the Ruby Blue hairdressing salon in Warsaw looks incredibly fresh and modern. Just see these photos.

Renovation of an old cube-shaped house: microcement floor in an entrance hall. Color: NCS 1000N [photos]

Microcement is a perfect renovation material. Check out these photos of a microcement entrance hall and staircase. and meet Bet-ON-cement Silesian Microcement Lab, the installers.

Microcement floor in Galeria Detale in Kurów [photos ]

Today we invite you to see photos of the implementation of the microcement floor in Galeria Detale in Kurów.

Black or gray – what color to choose for stairs? [photos]

Not sure which color of microcement to choose for stairs? Perhaps these amazing photos from the projects made by Wojciech Życzkowski from Beton Koncept will help you make a decision.

Poznań – the Polish capital of microcement stairs. Interview with Tomek Grabarczyk [photos]

The biggest specialist in microcement stairs in Poland reveals the backstage of his work. An interview with Tomek Grabarczyk

A house with a white microcement floor. Color: FL12 [photos]

White floor made of Festfloor microcement will impress you! Check out these photos from a modern house near Warsaw.

Microcement in a film studio. Color: FF9002 [photos]

Microcement in a film studio is the perfect background for photo sessions, programs or music videos. We're presenting today photos of JAGODYstudio in Warsaw.

400 m² of microcement in an apartment in Madeira. Colors: FF9003, FL12 [photos]

A story about how a luxury holiday apartment in Portuguese Madeira was created, with Festfloor microcement in the lead role. Photos.

A house by the lake with a microcement floor. Color: FF7035 [photos]

Check out this dream house on Lake Iławskie with our microcement on the floor. See photos and a video and book your stay.

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