Black microcement stairs. Color: FF9011 [photos]

Microcement finished stairs are a hit! Today we present photos of the implementation of stairs covered with black microcement in a house near Warsaw.

Flooring terms you should know – a cheat sheet

Screed, anhydrite, self-leveling screed, polished concrete... is it all Greek to you? Don't worry, we've prepared a little cheat sheet that will make it easier for you to get along with the contractor.

Pink microcement floor at MOD Donuts – the final effect. Color: FL07 Bubblegum [video]

Microcement is a great choice for the renovation of service premises. It allows for a quick metamorphosis without removing tiles. Watch the video from MOD Donuts Cafe in Warsaw.

Microcement at the hotel ‘W drzewach’ in Nałeczow. Color: GR3 [photos]

Still not sure where to go on vacation? We have an unusual offer for you - tree houses on the edge of the forest. In addition to contemplating nature and enjoying the singing of birds, you will also be able to admire our microcement in the hotel ?.

Old London house renovation with microcement. Colors: GR1, FL02 Rose Beige [photos]

A renovation with decorative concrete? Of course! See those photos of an old Edwardian London house renovated with Festfloor microcement.

Decorative concrete floor at home? Absolutely yes! [photos ]

Is decorative concrete floor at home a good idea? Of course it is! Just check out these photos.

Microcement in a clothing store. Colors: NCS2000, NCS3000 [photos]

Over the last few years there has been a steady growth in the popularity of microcement both in private houses and commercial premises like cafes, restaurants and shops. This time, we invite you to see photos from the MUUV. apparel clothing store in the center of Warsaw.

Pandemic home remodeling is booming: try microcement. Colors: FF7001, GR2 [photos]

Photos of an amazing DIY renovation project carried out in Covid-19 pandemic. A photo studio made with microcement.

How to grind the Festfloor microcement? Check if you are doing it right

How to grind microcement? When to grind? What tools to use? Everything about grinding Festfloor microcement.

Garage converted into a restaurant with a microcement floor. Color GR4 [photos]

Today we have something special for automobile enthusiasts - a garage converted into a restaurant with new microcement floor from Festfloor. Check out the photos.

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