Frosty taiga in an urban loft [photos]


Microcement outdoors – what does it involve?

A lively, mixed style interior with microcement flooring. Colour FL01 Warm Beige [ Photos ].

A lively, mixed style interior with microcement flooring. Colour FL01 Warm Beige   Fusion of several styles is usually an arduous and demanding task. For this reason, working on such a project can take more time, but in return offering us a unique result. The photos...

Trends: Colours of the year 2023

Trends: Colours of the year 2023     Colour of the Year is the annual selection of the most fashionable colour, which is announced by various colour design and production companies such as Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams and many others. This selection is often regarded as an indicator...

Modern classic style and microcement. Color July Go Beige FF2002JB [ photos ]

The Modern Classic style is a combination of modernity and tradition. See photos of a house decorated in this style with a microcement floor.

How to work in team and apply microcement on a large surface? [ video ]

Read about the challenges contractors face when applying microcement on large surfaces and how to deal with them. Watch our today's video.

Microcement on the stairs in a single-family house in the Gdansk. Color: RAL 7047 [photos]

The microcement on the stairs has stolen the hearts of many. In new buildings, instead of traditional wood or tiles, we can see microcement stairs. Today, we invite you to the Gdansk (North of Poland) to see photos of the implementation of stairs and floor made of microcement by Bella...

Microcement floor in the Vzrok optician’s shop in Wrocław [photos]

Another place has appeared on the map of Wrocław, where you can see the Festfloor microcement floor live: it is the Vzrok optician's shop.

Boho interior design with microcement. Color: FL01 [photos]

Although microcement is associated with modern and minimalist design, it also works well in eclectic arrangements in the boho style. Just like in this delightful house which we present today.

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