Bedroom with Microcement Wall- Combining Coziness and Minimalism

Microcement by a woman’s hand – the artistic face of microcement [photos]

How to choose the perfect microcement colour?

Microcement and marble tiles, combination that delights [photos]

Microcement on the next level – microcement shelves

An interview with Builder Doman – why a microcement?

Past meets future: a living room where tradition blends with modernity [photos].

Microcement in various guises. Colour FL01 Warm Beige. [Photos]

New shades of grey Festfloor Life microcement

Where you can see how microcement look like – Festfloor showroom

Showroom  Visit our showroom, where you can see for yourself samples of the colour palette of two microcement systems – Festfloor Life and Festfloor Go! Be inspired by an example of the trendy beige microcement used in the bathroom, where it looks striking both in the shower and on...

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