Boho interior design with microcement. Color: FL01 [photos]


Although microcement is associated with modern and minimalist design, it also works well in eclectic arrangements in the boho style. Just like in this delightful house which we present today.


What is boho style? Key elements of bohemian design

Let’s start, however, by explaining what characterizes the boho style in interior decoration. Interiors in this style are characterized by eclecticism, naturalness, coziness and a multitude of patterns and ornaments. We will find there original combinations: new with old, flashy designs with subdued delicate materials, folk art with elements of pop culture.

The colors of the earth reign in boho-style interiors: beige, brown, green, red, honey-yellow, white, black. Subdued pastel colors will also work as a background for vivid decorations or accessories.

When it comes to boho-style materials, it is primarily wood, bamboo, wicker, seagrass and natural fabrics such as linen, wool and jute. A necessary element are also potted plants in large numbers.

The boho style loves knick-knacks and accessories, especially handicrafts: ceramics, hand-woven baskets and pot covers, macramé, decorative plaids and cushions with ethnic patterns.

To sum up, boho-style interiors are original apartments with a soul.


Boho style and microcement

Kasia and Patryk Kościółko (check their Instagram profile) love unique furniture and accessories that have their own history. They masterfully combine styles, creating tasteful and unique interiors. Their latest project is a wonderful boho style house, refined in every detail. The house is located in the village of Olejnica in the Greater Poland Voivodeship in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Leszczyński Lake District. What is worth emphasizing at the very beginning – both the design and construction are their own work.

The cottage is a typical Polish holiday home. It has a triangular shape with a steep gable roof and is made of wood. There is a living room with an open kitchen and a bathroom downstairs, and a bedroom upstairs. The interior is bathed in beige. The walls, countertops, curtains, furniture upholstery, decorations and the floor are in this color. The whole house was covered with Festfloor Life microcement (color FL01 Warm Beige). Kasia and Patryk have already dealt with microcement when finishing a bathroom in another apartment. They liked the work with the material and the end result so much that they use it for the next, third project.

“We obtained the color of the microcement ourselves by buying and mixing pigments on our own. We also installed it ourselves. At the beginning, we were helped by a friend who can putty, then Patryk put him in the kitchen himself. The microcement is on the floor throughout the house, on the stairs and the kitchen countertop is made of it … and the whole bathroom 🙂 This house was supposed to be for rent, but we moved to it ourselves, we are building another one, which is already available for rent now. “ – remembers Kasia.

Beige is a subdued background for interior design: simple and made of natural materials. The furniture is made of wood, wicker, rattan. The decor is complemented by lamps, carpets and potted plants.

Particularly noteworthy is the kitchenette with original and functional solutions such as an oven in the wall or a microcement countertop.

In turn, the bathroom is captivating with the minimalist line of microcement washbasins and brass-colored fittings, as well as an interesting mirror in the form of a mirror.

The bedroom is more sparsely decorated  than the rest of the house. Its central point is a bed with khaki linen sheets and a huge window through which there is a wonderful view of the surroundings. Under the ceiling, the original lamps made by the owners themselves attract attention.

We are delighted with this project and we are waiting for the next ones!


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Installer: Patryk and Kasia Kościółko (landlords)


Boho style microcement living room


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Boho style microcement kitchen


Boho style microcement kitchen


Bohemian style microcement floor


Bohemian style microcement bathroom


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Boho bathroom with microcement


Boho bathroom with microcement


Boho interior design with microcement


Boho interior design with microcement