What is a microcement? Where can it be used? What is the application like? [ video ]


In today’s video, Borys explains what microcement is, where it can be used, and what properties and applications it has.

Don’t forget to switch on subtitles – English and Spanish available, as always.

Co to jest mikrocement, jak można go użyć


What is microcement

Microcement, also known as microcement or béton ciré, is a decorative, colored micro-mortar for creating seamless surfaces on existing substrates such as: concrete screed, ceramic tiles, plasterboard or OSB. The microcement allows architects and interior designers to create the aesthetics of concrete where it would not normally be possible.

Types of microcement

There are two types of microcement on the market:

  • traditional two-component microcement, which consists of a polymer and dry mass
  • ready-to-use microcement, e.g. FestfloorGo !, which is liquid and ready for application immediately after opening the container

Read more about the differences between FESTFLOOR Life microcement and FESTFLOOR GO!


Microcement system

The basic microcement system FestfloorGo! consists of a primer, a liquid ready-to-use microcement and a varnish that protects the surface.

Apply the microcement with a trowel, just like any plaster.


Advantages of microcement

The advantages of microcement cannot be overestimated. It is a very grateful material for both finishing new premises and renovations.

  • Very high adhesion to any type of substrate → can be applied to the existing substrate without breaking it
  • System thickness – about 1.5-2 mm → possibility of obtaining the concrete look effect without loading the structure / ceiling
  • Water-resistant → can be used in wet areas
  • Resistance to UV radiation → does not turn yellow, does not change color
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Ease of everyday care → all you need is a mop with warm water and a mild detergent
  • A wide range of colors → in addition to the concrete look effect, any color from the RAL and NCS palette can be obtained
  • Short delivery time
  • The possibility of obtaining a smooth, uniform surface without joints


Where can the microcement be used

The properties and unique appearance make the microcement ideal for both private apartments and public utility premises. It can be used, among others:

  • As floors in apartments, restaurants, offices, etc.
  • As a finish for stairs
  • As a cladding of walls, pillars and fireplaces
  • As ceilings that imitate natural concrete
  • Thanks to water resistance, it is suitable as a finish for floors and walls in bathrooms and showers
  • As an exclusive finish for furniture and kitchen worktops
  • As a door cladding