Microcement on the stairs in a single-family house in the Gdansk. Color: RAL 7047 [photos]


The microcement on the stairs has stolen the hearts of many. In new buildings, instead of traditional wood or tiles, we can see microcement stairs.
Today, we invite you to the Gdansk (North of Poland) to see photos of the implementation of stairs and floor made of microcement by Bella Tynk.


Microcement on the stairs – how is it done?

The Bella Tynk team made microcement stairs in the color from the RAL 7074 palette, the floor and “ceiling” under one of the stairs and a decorative concrete wall. The whole project included the implementation of two flights of stairs larger than the standard width – 34 steps in total.

Making microcement on the stairs requires a lot of experience, precision and attention to detail. Due to the fact that microconcrete is only a decorative layer of a few millimeters, it is extremely important to properly prepare the steps and risers. They must be load-bearing and perfectly even (→ Read more: Microcement on stairs. Contractor’s guide).

The project we present today was quite technically difficult and cost the team a lot of work. First, the developer-grade stairs were uneven and required a complex preparation process before applying the microcement. It was necessary to raise all steps by 5.5-6 cm. Contractors from Bella Tynk used the method of re-profiling with cement boards and a self-leveling screed according to the recommendations of Tomek Grabarczyk.

In addition, after reprofiling, the finishing team had to install slats recessed on the face with the wall and stairs and deal with the processing of glass fasteners that are “barriers”. Due to the fact that the floor with the stairs was made after all the assembly works, the experts from Bella Tynk also finished the joints of microcement with wood, tiles and carpeting both at the bottom and at the top of the staircase. All this required great care and attention to detail.


More about Bella Tynk

Dawid Dominiak, the owner of Bella Tynk, told us more about his company and its beginnings: “As Bella Tynk, we are based in Gdańsk and operate on the Tri-City and Kashubian markets. I have been associated with the construction industry since 2011, where I was present after graduating from school. I had my first contact with microcement and decorative plasters in 2015. I work with Przemek, Agnieszka and Marta on a daily basis. We make noble decorative plasters, artistic projects and decorative surfaces made of Festfloor Go! microcement.  With the selected RAL or NCS colors, thanks to the combination with other materials, we have discovered many possibilities of making interesting projects.”

In our daily work, we care about our relations with customers and suppliers, thanks to which the project implementation chain is timely and conflict-free. In our work, we also implement our creative aspects and each project is a different vision, including the artistic one. We are supporters of creating microcement while maintaining handicraft structures that reflect the often difficult and long hours of manual work. “


Installer: Bella Tynk