Microcement kitchen ideas


Show me your kitchen and I’ll tell you who you are.

microcement kitchen

Microcement makes amazing kitchen floors.

Not only is the kitchen a place where we prepare meals. Kitchen is the center of our home – it is central to modern family life, they say the best parties happen here and it is a place where we like to sit over tea and cookies and chatting with family. It’s a center for both entertainment and work. That is why we put so much effort into beautifully decorating our kitchen. We want it to be stylish, unique and timeless, but functional too.

Recently, there has been a strong trend in the use of microcement in kitchen interiors. This is because it is so versatile that it will work out practically everywhere – on the floor, on walls and as a finish of countertops.

Countertop where we prepare meals is the key element of every kitchen. It must be resistant to moisture, dirt, heat and drastic temperature changes, as well as to scratches. Concrete countertops are not only visually appealing, but very practical. They provide the opportunity to create a perfectly smooth, durable, easy-to-maintain and ultra-hygienic surface. Thanks to its properties, FESTFLOOR Life microcement is ideal for this type of solution.


Microcement kitchen floor in Scandinavian style

Concrete in kitchen can create both cold and elegant space as well as warm and cozy – everything depends on interior accessories we chose.

Béton ciré easily combines with materials such as stone, wood or steel. By using different application techniques and mixing colors we are able to obtain unique textures and shades. Incorporating concrete in interiors works well with wood, soft rugs or colored textiles.
An extremely important element in the interior with a concrete finish is adequate lighting. Using halogens or led lights, we will add to the space bits of modern appeal. In turn, choosing low-hanging simple lamps with warm light, we will refer to the Scandinavian style.


FESTCleaner is a universal agent for daily care of microcement, resin and other surfaces protected with polyurethane coatings to be purchased in our online shop.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about microcement

1. How do I clean surfaces covered with FESTFLOOR Life Microcement?
Surface care is simple. Mikrocement FESTFLOOR Life should be cleaned with water and mild cleaning agents. We recommend using products with a pH above 6. We do not recommend aggressive, acidic agents with strong detergent. Before using a new cleaning product, we recommend that you do a small test in an a less visible place. To be sure that your microcement is well protected you can try FESTCleaner and FESTCalc, our dedicated cleaning agents. Read more about microcement care.

2. Are FESTFLOOR Life microcement kitchen countertops safe and can they come into contact with food?
Yes, properly impregnated microcement coated countertops are safe for preparing food. They are also safe for allergy sufferers.

3. Will it not crack, flake or crumble when preparing meals? (E.g. when hitting or putting hot dishes)
Microcement-coated tops are characterized by high impact resistance and high temperature resistance, so they will last for as long as they are in their unmodified form.

4. Can I apply the FESTFLOOR microcement on the fronts of kitchen cabinets?
Yes of course. Festfloor Life microcement can be used to coat fronts of cabinets regardless of the material they were made from.