Microcement industrial bathroom ideas


While decorating an apartment or a house you probably have a general idea of how you want it to be decorated. Rustic, cozy country Provence style, minimalist Scandinavian or maybe raw industrial style? There are plenty of possibilities of designing living room, bedroom or kitchen. Decorating those spaces usually comes pretty easily but for some reason you struggle with the dilemma of how to decorate your bathroom.

mikrotopping bathroomIn this article we propose incorporating the industrial trend into your home by choosing a concrete bathroom which will fit perfectly in a modern flat.

Industrial style was born in the US in the 1950s but only in 2000s gained its unbelievable popularity in Europe and is still extremely trendy nowadays. It makes reference to old factory halls, storage spaces, garages and other industrial spaces that in recent years have been turned into lofts. It often exposes elements that are usually hidden – tubes, plumbing pipes, beams and electrical ducts. Key components of industrial style include aged wood, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures and – last but not least – concrete or it’s younger brother microcement.

Natural and neutral shades work best in an industrial interior. Grey colour of microcement walls will guarantee a minimalist and classy look. You can go even further and have installed microcement on the floor or washbasins: this material can be applied literally anywhere!


Béton ciré FESTFLOOR Life

Excellent for wet rooms, beton cire FESTFLOOR Life provides unique features that combine intriguing looks and functionality. Concrete floors and other surfaces made with this technique are homogeneous, they do not require any joints, which optically enlarges the interior, giving a sense of spaciousness and modernity.

Microcement FESTFLOOR Life is an easy to use and stylish finishing product. It might be applied on cement grout, ceramic tiles, OSB boards, etc. It is an innovative product suitable for all kind of environments. It quickly covers unsightly joints and fissures and offers a stylish and practical solution to transforming large surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, bathrooms, and even countertops or sinks. It is especially suitable for rehabilitation works as the existing surface does not need to be removed. It enables fast metamorphosis of space without using heavy equipment, without mess and removing the old substrate and debris.

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1. Can I use the microcement FESTFLOOR Life in the bathroom?
Yes, you can. Microcement is suitable for wet areas. If properly sealed it is completely stain and water resistant.

2. Can I use the FESTFLOOR Life to make bath enclosure?
Yes, our microcement is suitable for the construction of enclosures. Microcement provides excellent adhesion to most materials and is 100% waterproof.

3. Is microcement FESTFLOOR Life floor slippery? I’m afraid I will slip in the shower.
The microcement floor can be shaped so that it will be smooth or you can give it a texture that will provide a safe anti-slip. Rough texture can be useful in the bathroom or shower to obtain non-slip surface.

FESTCleaner is a universal agent for daily care of microcement, resin and other surfaces protected with polyurethane coatings to be purchased in our online shop.

4. How is microcement FESTFLOOR Life floor maintained?
Thanks to its continuous surface, without joints daily maintenance of a microcement floor is much easier and faster than the classic tile. Our microcement is best cleaned with a cloth dampened in water and mild cleaning agents. We recommend using products with a pH lower than 7. We do not recommend aggressive, acidic agents with strong detergent. Before using a new cleaning product, we recommend that you do a small test in an a less visible place. To be sure that your microcement is well protected you can try our dedicated cleaning agents FESTCleaner and FESTCalc.

5. Is microcement floor cold?
Absolutely not! Concrete absorbs the ambient temperature, so it is usually warmer than traditional tiles. In addition to that, remember that microcement can be installed on underfloor heating systems.

6. I would like to finish my bathroom with microcement, but I don’t like grey. Are there other colors available?
Of course there are. Microcement is absolutely customizable. It is possible to obtain any color and shade according to the preferences of the customer. Learn more about advantages of coloured microcement.

7. Where can I buy your microcement products?

You can buy them in our store. For bigger order, please contact us, so we can prepare a special offer for you.

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