Microcement flooring in the starring role. Colour: FL01 Warm Beige [photos]


We present a project that will delight any lover of design and interior design! It proves that microcement is a material that is ideal for any type of room, regardless of its style or character. From the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to the wardrobe! The company behind such an exceptional effect and quality of workmanship is none other than Twoja Sciana – Microcement – Architectural Concrete.



The kitchen plays a very important role in every interior. It is a place where we prepare meals for ourselves and our loved ones, so it must be a functional and comfortable space. It should also be aesthetically pleasing so that our daily activities in it are more enjoyable. In this particular case, the kitchen is a combination of elegance and simplicity. The beige microcement flooring blends perfectly with the snow-white kitchen furniture and solid wood to create a unique, dignified yet warm arrangement. This combination is complemented by unusual accessories such as the cloud-like chair cushions and the stylish glass holder above the kitchen island. These details add not only charm to the kitchen, but also a practical dimension to this interior.



Living room

The living room should be a place where we can relax and unwind after the hardships of everyday life. That is why it is so important to carefully select furniture and accessories in such a way as to create an atmosphere full of warmth and tranquillity. This design meets all the requirements perfectly! Beautiful furniture in the colours of wood and beige create a cohesive composition with the soft, warm shade of the microcement floor, which perfectly puts us in a relaxed mood. The fiery orange accessories also proved indispensable, adding clarity and life to the space. An abstract, colour-saturated painting and lush lighting add positive energy and originality to the interior. There is nothing left to do but sit back on the comfortable spacious sofa and relax!




Every home must also not lack a bedroom – a place where we rest and regenerate our strength. That is why it is so important that it is decorated in a way that promotes our comfort and relaxation. In this bedroom, everything has been perfectly composed so that it is a coherent part of the whole house. The elegant white bed that is the focal point of the room, set on a sleek microcement floor, evokes an immediate desire to relax, like in a luxury hotel. Stylish furnishings, such as the abstract painting kept in muted colours, solid wood furniture with rounded shapes and heavy brown curtains, add intimacy and privacy to the room. Delicate openwork and wicker lamps give the interior a pleasantly warm and atmospheric feel. All this adds up to an ideal place for relaxation and regeneration.



Work room

Let’s not forget the work space either! This room is a true masterpiece of design and development. As soon as we enter this room, our eyes will immediately be enchanted by the elegant wicker lampshades and the wooden, intense brown furniture, which add depth and warmth. The focal point is the comfortable desk, which is ideal for working and provides ample space for all the necessary documents and equipment. The delicate microcement flooring adds even more elegance and the guitar set on the stand adds a touch of artistic flair, making this home office even more special.

Long story short

The pictures shown here show how different rooms, look using the same colour of microcement. Although each room is different, the microcement fits perfectly into its character and style, creating elegant and aesthetically pleasing interiors. See for yourself!




Product: Festfloor® Life
Colour: FL01 Warm Beige
Lacquer: PU FEST 2K matt
Contractor: @twoja_sciana
Photos: @jaga.kraupe