How to apply microcement while standing? [ video tutorial ]


What if someone told you that you do not need to apply microcement to the floor on your knees? ? In today’s video, we present a tool that makes your work easier and faster, and also saves your spine!

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? List of tools needed for standing microcement floor application:

  • rubber squeegee with a stick
  • float
  • single-use gloves

In addition, when applying microcement, FEST Timer will be useful – a universal retarder that will extend the time of working with microcement on the floor.

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Microcement FESTFLOOR – Group on Facebook

This method of microcement application was proposed by Michał – a contractor who has been working with microcements for many years. He is very active on our Facebook group, where he willingly shares tips and advice on how to apply microcement and how to speed up and facilitate your work.

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