How to make a concrete lamp? DIY


Just a few years ago, when someone was thinking about concrete in the interior design, the first association was not a stylish, tastefully open space  but rather an ugly and used factory hall. However, several years ago, architects and interior designers have rediscovered concrete. Therefore, they are constantly coming up with new ways how to creatively use its potential when finishing a room or entire apartments and houses.

Practically anything can be made of concrete: flower pots, plates, candlesticks …. You can play with it, creating any shape. Plastic molds, silicone molds, used ice cream, yogurt and milk packaging, plastic  bottles – can be used as molds for your decorations – in a word, everything that has a smooth finish and will not fall apart under the impact of concrete mortar.


Concrete lighting

The bedroom is probably the only place where you spend time when it is completely dark, completely bright and something in between. So properly designed bedroom lighting is necessary to make them comfortable to rest at night and get up in the morning. The bedside lamp is not only intended to gently illuminate the room in the evening hours, but also can in itself be a remarkable interior accent that everyone will pay attention to. And such a lamp made by yourself will give great satisfaction, beautify the interior and will be a great way to spend your free time at home.

How to create a unique lamp of architectural concrete?  Discover it with Monika who will explain you everything in the new video on our channel.


Concrete lamp – what do you need?

To make a concrete lamp, you only need a few things:

  • ArchiFEST architectural concrete mix (Monika decided on the smooth version)
  • water
  • kitchen scale
  • plastic or silicone bowl as a form for the lamp
  • lampholder and bulb (small thread E14)
  • gloves (optional)
  • a large jar with a screw cap
  • hot glue
  • concrete mixing container and agitator
  • adhesive tape
  • knife or scissors
  • fine graded sandpaper
  • acrylic paint for decoration (optional)

Monika will explain everything in the video below.  Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles (English & Spanish).


Concrete lamp - let's get started!

Concrete lamp – let’s get started!


concrete lamp - pouring the concrete into the mold

Pouring the concrete into the mold


Concrete lamp - edge grinding

Concrete lamp – edge sanding


Our concrete lamp is ready!