Color trends 2021 and a new microcement color chart


At the end of the year, global paint manufacturers announce new trends for the upcoming season. In the passing year, we’ve spent a lot of time at home. We’ve began to pay more attention to the immediate surroundings, because the house suddenly became a place not only for rest, but also for work and study. Many people started with great cleanup and renovations to make this time of forced isolation as pleasant as possible and make them feel at their best. The trendy colors for 2021 reflect these changes.

According to the color creators and interior design specialists, our apartments should be soothing, calming, but at the same time stimulating and inviting to be in them much more than we were used to. Among the color trends for 2021, natural earth tones dominate, mainly in shades of beige, brown, cinnamon, as well as green and blue. There is also classic gray in combination with sunny yellow and tasteful rich plum-purple.

See our inspirations with the colors of 2021 and check out our new microcement color chart which perfectly fits into the trends for the New Year.


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1. Ultimate grey and Illuminating (Pantone)

The Pantone Color Institute is a global specialist in the field of colors, and the results of the poll for the Color of the Year, announced for over 20 years, influences the development of products and purchasing decisions in many industries – from fashion to interior design. This year, the Pantone Institute’s Color of the Year podium was taken by two winners: 17-5104 Ultimate Gray –  that resembles “stable concrete foundations and tranquil pebble beaches” and 13-0647 Illuminating –  for hope, positive thinking and faith in a better time to come. As Pantone specialists explain, Ultimate Gray is strength, resilience and fortitude. It is the color of the pebbles on the beach, rocks and stones that have been around for millions of years and seem to last forever. The choice of gray is also a funny reference to the fashion in 2020, which was marked by comfortable gray tracksuits – a favorite outfit worn when working remotely from our home offfices.

The combination of gray and yellow will bring a good mood in any room in the house. The solid gray base will never get boring and the juicy yellow accessories will give you energy like the sun’s rays after gloomy winter.


2. Urbane bronze (Sherwin-Williams)

In turn, Sherwin-Williams a well-known manufacturer of paints and varnishes, promotes the color SW 7048 Urbane Bronze in 2021.
Urbane bronze is a warm shade of brown combined with a hint of gray, nature in its simplest and most elementary form. It embodies the richness of earthly stone, metal and wood – it calms, promotes meditation and brings you to earth. It is a deep, rich and very elegant color. This shade is fantastically combined with light woods, rich leathers, metals and subtle shades of natural stone. It will look great both on the wall and on furniture.


3. Transcend, Big Cypress, Misty Aqua (PPG)

PPG Paints, the largest paint producer in the world, offers not one, but three colors. They created a calm and natural palette of shades to give any interior a pleasant lightness and a feeling of peace. Designers say that staying in it is like a spa for the eyes and soul.
  • Transcend – warm beige with a shade of oatmeal, which draws from earthly influences and nostalgia. An antidote to the era of cool grays, this cozy neutral beige color of the paint evokes the flavor of aromatic latte on a cool morning or warm sand on a sunny summer day.
  • Big Cypress – a warming mix of cinnamon and ginger.
  • Misty Aqua – watercolor blue provides an unexpected combination of freshness with other warm, earthy tones.




4. Brave Ground (AkzoNobel)

AkzoNobel, owner of  the brand Dulux, chose Brave Ground as the color of the year 2021. It is this warm and natural color and the accompanying ColourFutures palettes that will be the most fashionable wall colors that will be present in our interiors in the coming year. According to experts, they will bring balance and stability to them.

How to arrange an interior with this seemingly invisible color? You can combine it with similar tones such as ecru or beige for an elegant and subtle look. You can also use the power of its neutrality and combine it with warm shades of red and pink. If you like a natural effect in your interior, add elements of wood, clay or stone.

5. Epoch (Graham & Brown)

Known primarily for beautiful wallpapers, Graham & Brown announced Epoch – the luxurious, royal, shade of plum as the most fashionable color of 2021.

The stylists from Graham & Brown assure that Epoch will work great as a dominant decorative wall in combination with lighter shades of lavender and heather – this will soften the effect of the darker color while ensuring a consistent connection between all walls in the room.

On the other hand, lovers of bold color combinations can confidently combine Epoch with shades of turquoise, which will result in a rich, peacock-inspired look. Additionally, you may be tempted to add a little peach to create a truly refined space.

If a whole wall in purple is too much for someone, you can create original geometric patterns by combining other colors from the palette of pale pinks. Graham & Brown proposes a combination – Epoch, Spiced Mulberry and Baby Powder. Such an ornament can be an interesting addition to a children’s bedroom, playroom, and even a living room.


6. Aegean Teal (Benjamin Moore)

Aegean Teal is a color created by paint producer Benjamin Moore: an extremely harmonious combination of blue-green and gray. Expressive and neutral at the same time. This unique color will be perfect for finishing walls, both in the living room and bathroom. We can just as well use it for a quick interior metamorphosis, e.g. to renew the kitchen fronts of cabinets with a fresh layer of paint, to paint the doors and frames, or to conjure up a completely original chest of drawers by changing only its color and fittings.

Although Aegean Teal is so versatile that it can be combined with virtually any of the selected colors, this color can also be successfully used alone. Aegean Teal is a sustainable alternative to navy blue and green, which have been fashionable in recent years.


A new color chart of Festfloor Life and Festwall Life microcement

Inspired by the color trends for 2021, we’ve created a new color palette of the Festfloor Life and Festwall Life systems. In addition to the classic grays, there are warm beiges, earth colors, as well as pastel greens, blues and several versions of pink. Each set of Festfloor and Festwall Life lines comes with a precisely measured dye, which we add to the dry powder and the polymere when mixing.

We believe that the new color card will win the hearts of microcement lovers.


[See the full color palette of Festfloor Life and Festwall Life microcement]


ps. If you prefer a ready-to-use product, you can also order the Festfloor Go! pre-colored microcement, which comes in any shade from the RAL and NCS palette.

ps2 We always recommend to make a color sample before starting work. This is the easiest way to check what the selected color will look like on a specific surface in a given interior and given lighting.

If your project requires an individual approach and selection of colors, please contact us and we will certainly help.