An interview with Builder Doman – why a microcement?

Read an interview with Builder Doman, a contractor who decided to finish his own home with microcement and share his experience on his YouTube channel.


Clip from the video “We made a Festfloor Go microcement floor – microcement with our own hands.” from Budowniczy Doman & Nasze Gniazdo.

Are you a building/construction professional? If so, do you specialise in finishing work or perhaps in some other area?

“-I have been involved with the construction industry since I graduated from university, before that I graduated from a building technical school and have been active in the finishing and renovation industry for several years. I currently specialise in finishing works and decorative plastering in the Trójmiasto area and surrounding areas.”

Where did the idea for microcement come from? Have you used this material before?

“-I have used microcement on customers’ projects several times and I know the material, I appreciate its visual aspect and its durability, which is why my wife and I decided to use microcement in our own home.”

How was your experience with our product? Did the application proceed without problems?

“-Working on the Festfloor GO! system was comfortable and didn’t surprise me with anything unexpected, which is important for such a metre. The application of this material in my opinion is even pleasant.”


Clip from the video “We made a Festfloor Go microcement floor – microcement with our own hands.” from Budowniczy Doman & Nasze Gniazdo.

Do you have any advice/guidance for people who want to apply microcement for the first time?

“-When it comes to tips for people who want to apply microcement for the first time, primarily they should make themselves samples on cardboard beforehand and start the target application with smaller areas, in less visible places. There are two possible directions at this stage: either they feel they can do it, or they have to delegate it to microcement contractors. Everyone’s manual skills and physical condition are different, so I leave this to their own judgement. If they decide to do it themselves, two people should easily be able to do it.”

Was the microcement flooring dictated by any style you want to stick to for your interior design?

“-The microcement flooring was in our construction plans from the beginning, as our house is in quite a modern and minimalist style, but we don’t have a specific interior climate imposed on our house, we do everything on a so-called intuition and according to our own tastes. In fact, we like various interior styles, including Dutch style, modern farmhouse, Scandinavian style and many others which we will try to skilfully combine in the future. So we opt for simplicity on the wall and floor surfaces, so that in the future we can match them with a wide variety of furniture or accessories. We value real and raw materials, creating an authentic and natural impression of an interior in harmony with nature and, above all, with us. We don’t like to exaggerate, but rather to offer simple but qualitative solutions.”

Would you like to add anything else about the application process or interior design?

“-In our house, materials such as concrete, wood and brick predominate, but in a structural form, not just a decorative one. This means that we have a brick wall, not covered with brick tiles. Real beams are visible on the ceiling, not imitations, showing the exposed timber ceiling structure. There is also a raw concrete stringer visible. All these elements are interwoven with Festfloor microcement, which will also be used on the walls in the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, some walls have been covered with decorative effects such as rust and architectural concrete.”


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