A lively, mixed style interior with microcement flooring. Colour FL01 Warm Beige [ Photos ]


Fusion of several styles is usually an arduous and demanding task. For this reason, working on such a project can take more time, but in return offering us a unique result. The photos from the realisation made by the Houmi design office are the best example of this. The combination of minimalist furnishings, light microcement flooring and intense colours was a great choice! 

Noteworthy is the thoughtful choice of colours and materials. The microcement floor in a warm beige shade and satin finish harmonises perfectly with the bright, open space, while contrasting with furnishings in more intense colours. The abundance of plants and natural materials, especially wood, makes the interior vibrant, and literally so! This is indicated, among other things, by the presence of an amaze by décor cat.

The multitude of forms in the interior is also not to be missed, especially the eye-catching red-blooded chairs modelled on the simplicity of modernism, or the unique, rounded chandeliers. The rounded kitchen island in canary yellow, blends perfectly with the caramel kitchen cabinets with copper handles and the unusual cylindrical hood. 

It all adds up to an amazing, energetic space that invigorates the senses and stimulates creativity, plus it’s pet-friendly too! The cat is definitely happy with its new home, and what do you think of this project? 

Design office: Houmi

Material: Festfloor Life

Colour: FL01 Warm Beige

Sealing: Satin

Area: 140m2

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