A budget bathroom upgrade: from shameful ’90s tile to a chic microcement. Color: FF7035 [before & after photos]


The summer is approaching – the renovation season ? Have you ever spent your annual leave renovating the flat and cursing? Renovation is one of the most stressful situations in life, which is confirmed even by scientific studies. The first three most emotionally-charged situations in the private life  are financial problems, illness in the family and …. renovation. Stress is due to high costs related to renovation, supervising the  workers and the necessity to make many choices from hundreds of interior design solutions. That is why we avoid large-scale works, as long as possible and a thorough renovation we do no more than once every 5-10 years.
Is it possible to refresh the flat without incurring excessive costs and forging walls? One of our clients faced such a dilemma when renovating a bathroom. She decided to do her bathroom renovation with our microcement Festfloor Go! Color FF7035.


Bathroom renovation with microcement

The microcement works not only with exclusive interiors but also with quick budget upgrades.

The microcement can be applied to the existing substrate without the need to break it, without the use of heavy equipment, without noise and dust clouds throughout the apartment. It is possible to make a floor made of microcement on tiles and in this way to change the character of the room, modernize it and make it more stylish.

Now working with microcement is even simpler, thanks to our new product – microcement ready to use FestfloorGO!.


Bringing a 1990s bathroom into 2019: microcement floor over tiles – step by step

bathroom renovation with microcement

Before: typical bathroom from 1990s, where tiles prevailed. We had porcelain floor tiles with “marble” look with joints that were once white. On the walls, also tiles (they  have already been painted grey-white with a dedicated paint). The fittings were dismantled and the furniture was taken out, but you can easily imagine a plastic set: a mirror, a shelf with cups, hangers, a paper holder and a set of ugly bathroom rugs;)

bathroom renovation with microcement

Work began by spreading the adhesion promoter and fiberglass mesh.Thanks to this treatment, we level the surface of tiles and grouts and we are sure that they will not pierce the surface of the microcement.

bathroom renovation with microcement

First layer of microcement.

bathroom renovation with microcement

Two layers of  Festfloor GO! microcement.

bathroom renovation with microcement

After:  we love this subdued, minimalist interior in shades of white and gray. The microcement floor is perfectly smooth, which will definitely facilitate cleaning.


Renovation of bathroom with microcement – before and after