black microcement stairs

Microcement on stairs

Microcement stairs Q&A with Tomek Grabarczyk [ video ]

In today's Q&A session, Tomek Grabarczyk answers the most frequently asked questions about microcement on stairs.

Staircase ideas: Concrete look stairs. Color: FF5000N [photos]

Concrete look stairs - now that's chic! See photos of microcement stairs in the house in Józefosław made by MK Muro.

Microcement on the stairs in a single-family house in the Gdansk. Color: RAL 7047 [photos]

The microcement on the stairs has stolen the hearts of many. In new buildings, instead of traditional wood or tiles, we can see microcement stairs. Today, we invite you to the Gdansk (North of Poland) to see photos of the implementation of stairs and floor made of microcement by Bella...

Black or gray – what color to choose for stairs? [photos]

Not sure which color of microcement to choose for stairs? Perhaps these amazing photos from the projects made by Wojciech Życzkowski from Beton Koncept will help you make a decision.

Poznań – the Polish capital of microcement stairs. Interview with Tomek Grabarczyk [photos]

The biggest specialist in microcement stairs in Poland reveals the backstage of his work. An interview with Tomek Grabarczyk

Black microcement stairs. Color: FF9011 [photos]

Microcement finished stairs are a hit! Today we present photos of the implementation of stairs covered with black microcement in a house near Warsaw.

How to make microcement stairs? Training

Another training on the application of microcement on the stairs with Tomek Grabarczyk is completed. See the video to check how it was.

The sheer beauty of modern terrazzo. Floors, countertops, stairs

January 19, 2020

The whole world got the terrazzo fever. Do you think it is here to stay for a long time? Advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo. Inspirations. Photos

Microcement stairs tips [contractor’s guide]

Microcement stairs are becoming more and more popular. Below we describe how to apply microcement on the stairs step by step.

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