2022 color trends


The end of the year is traditionally the time to announce new color trends for the next season. In 2022 delicate shades of green and blue reign – both the color of the cloudless sky and gray-blue. Against this background, the energetic violet proposed as the color of the year by the Pantone institute stands out. Keep on reading to see how to use the 2022 color trends in your home decor.

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1. Veri Peri (Pantone color of the year 2022)

Every year, for more than two decades, the Pantone Institut chooses the color of the year, and this decision has a large impact on many areas, including the interior design market. In 2022, it’s time for a bold blue-violet Very Peri. This color is supposed to encourage us to be creative and find positive energy. According to the Pantone Institute, it is supposed to be an “optimistic” shade of blue with an admixture of purple-red tones. This color was inspired by the virtual world, work and remote communication, which was / is our everyday life in the pandemic era. The color of Veri Peri is reminiscent of the characteristic blue glow emitted by computer and smartphone screens that are the gateway to the online world. In nature, this color can be found on periwinkle petals – hence its name.

Thanks to Veri Peri, the interior will come alive, regardless of whether we paint the wall with it, add colorful furniture, or use it as an intriguing and eye-catching accent in the pattern.

Color proposal from Festfloor:

FestfloorG0! microcement Color NCS S 2050-R70B (tinted on request *)



2. Evergreen Fog – Evergreen Fog (Color of the Year 2022 Sherwin-Williams)

“In the silent peace of the forest, the world finds constant renewal. The hope of a new life coincides with the wisdom of the ages. In delicate shades there is a sense, a place to heal, a lasting peace.” – it was the fog over the forest that inspired the trendsetters from Sherwin-Williams choosing Evergreen Fog as the color of the year 2022.

Evergreen Fog is like a chameleon – the color changes depending on the lighting in your home and the time of day. In cooler or darker light, the Evergreen Fog may appear grayer, while in warmer afternoon light, you may notice it leaning towards green.

The cool and soothing gray-green shade suits a variety of styles and spaces. It fits perfectly with what is currently in trend – with black metal elements, accents of gold and brass, off-white and rich, warm tones of wood.

Color proposal from Festfloor:

FestfloorG0! microcement Color NCS S 23010-G40Y (tinted on request *)

kolory roku 2022 trendy evergreen fog

1. Origami pendant lamp, Pakamera, 219 zł, 2.Velor curtains, Ryssa, 119 zł, 3. Waffle-weave bathrobe, H&M, 129,99zł, 4. A set of bed linen, H&M, 149,99 zł.



3. Olive sprig – Olive branch (color of the year 2022 PPG)

PPG, owner of, among others the Dekoral brand, chose Olive Sprig as the color of the year 2022. Olive Sprig is a clear, earthy, gray-green shade that will be perfect for bedroom walls, but will also be beautifully combined with brass fittings and wood of kitchen cabinets. Red, dark yellow, navy blue and burgundy shades go well with this color.

Color proposal from Festfloor:

FestfloorG0! microcement Color NCS S 3005-G80Y (tinted on request *) or FestfloorG0! microcement Color FF7032 Pebble Grey



4. Bright Skies (AkzoNobel’s color of the year 2022)

AkzoNobel, owner of among others the Dulux brand, opt for a sky blue shade of Bright Skies in 2022. After the lockdown period, people want expansion, open space and a fresh approach to everything, say the experts at AkzoNobel. Bright skies reflect the endless sky around us and bring a hint of the natural world inside, bringing a breath of fresh air. The bluish-gray color on the wall will make the interior look more spacious than it really is. In addition, the blue had a soothing effect on people in the room. This color goes well with white, gray, black and other shades of blue. Designers from AkzoNobel propose to combine it with natural wood.

Color proposal from Festfloor:

FestfloorG0! microcement Color NCS S 1010 R90B (tinted on request *) or  Festfloor Life microcement Color FL09

kolor roku 2022 bright skies

1. Sofa Divani, Inventio, 2350 zł, 2. Chloe bag, Zalando, 1209 zł, 3. A set of linen bed linen, Pakamera, 670 zł, 4. Pillowcase with drawstrings, Zara, 79,99 zł, 5. Festfloor Life microcement color FL09, 6.Turtleneck, Even&Odd, 99 zł,



5. Breath – Breath (color of the year 2022 Graham & Brown)

Another proposal, this time from the paint and wallpaper manufacturer Graham & Brown, is the gray-blue Breath. Subdued and elegant, it soothes the nerves and introduces peace. It will match perfectly with natural browns, beiges and yellows, which warm it up slightly – it also looks good in combination with navy blue and white. It is also a proven idea to mix different shades of blue in one room.

Color proposal from Festfloor:

FestfloorG0! microcement Color NCS S 3010-R90B (tinted on request *)

kolor roku 2022 breath

1. Graham & Brown wallpaper, 2. Ceramic vase, Etsy, 265,57 zł, 3. Fine wool dress, Zara, 199 zł, 4. Velvet armchair, Design Town, 1999 zł.



6. October Mist – October mist (the color of the year 2022 by Benjamin Moore)

The last color in our list is October Mist from paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore. For the third time, after Olive Sprig and Evergreen Fog, we deal with a shade of green. But October Mist “doesn’t scream green”, in fact behaves more like gray in some combinations and lighting conditions.

This relaxing shade is part of Benjamin Moore’s larger palette: “Like a green flower stalk, the October fog creates a canvas on which the Color Trends 2022 palette – and your imagination – will flourish,” says the company. The palette consists of several other earthy shades of green, neutral tones and a mild but bold orange.

Color proposal from Festfloor:

FestfloorG0! microcement Color NCS S 2005-G60Y (tinted on request *)

kolor roku 2022 october mist

1. Cashmere sweater, Massimo Dutti, 449 zł, 2. Tablecloth for a round table, Amazon, 200 zł, 3. Chest of drawers, Swallow’s Tail, 6900 zł, 4. Ceramic vase, 102,99 zł, 5. Venice Kartellv chair, 969 zł.


* We recommend that you make a sample before starting any work. This is the easiest way to see what the selected color will look like on a specific surface in a given interior and lighting.

If your project requires an individual approach and selection of colors, please contact us and we will help you.